Howard Ray’s Environmental Policy

Howard Ray recognises that in carrying out its principal operations – transport services, the company will inevitably impact on the environment and is committed to minimise the potentially harmful effects of such operations wherever and whenever possible.

We recognise the importance of environmental protection and continue to work with partners such as the FTA Logistics Carbon Reduction Scheme, the Environmental Forum and Wholesale Power to implement initiatives to save fuel and energy where we can.

The engines on all our fleet are the cleanest available, meeting Euro 6 emission standards. We will continue to investigate new technologies to further improve our environmental standards.

By investing in planning technology and improving fleet utilisation, we reduce empty vehicle miles, minimising the overall impact on the environment.

All our employees are encouraged to understand and implement the objectives of this policy in their day to day work through regular discussion, communication and training.

As a company we will review and update our policy yearly to stay current with emissions targets and technological innovations.